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the most unique hotels in the Russia eyes

Russian publication of the "business magazines" lists several of the world's most unique hotels, the hotel with its unique characteristics have attracted customers around the world.

1, the oldest hotels: Paris hotel le grand veyour. This hotel was built in 1784, almost all of France's most famous people in history have been to this hotel dining. All the food the hotel has maintained the characteristics of the oldest in France. To have people here will call it the most beautiful hotels in Europe, because here all the furnishings are authentic French antiques.

2, the smallest of the hotels: Finland kuappi hotel. This hotel is only a single small restaurant, the restaurant located just two seats, one only serve two customers.

3, the largest hotel: Bangkok, Thailand tum nuk thai hotel. The area of four football fields, can be only one central reception hall, more than 5,000 guests. In order to improve service speed, all the waiters were wearing roller skates for customer service.

4, the highest Rotary Hotel: Swiss allalin hotel. This hotel was built in the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 3500 meters. Rotate throughout the hotel every 1 hour a week, customers in the dining, they can enjoy the surrounding beauty of the Alps.

5, the first underwater hotel: Israel red sea stars hotel. This hotel was opened in 1993, customers can dine here while eating fresh seafood and watch the underwater world wonders.

6, the most unusual hotels: Spain el bulli hotel. In this hotel, the customers taste to the world's most unique and strange process the abundant and delicious food. It's unique flavor can be said that a hotel anywhere in the world will not enjoy.

7, the most beautiful and most elegant hotels: Moscow Tulanduote hotel. The hotel from the dozens of world famous design firm designed and built entirely antique building, which facilities are elegant and noble palace furnishings. Hotels in place of ancient Chinese porcelain, Russian fireplace, candelabra and the lighthouse

Best Casino Hotels for Vacation Top10

At some point, we all want to see if Lady Luck is on our side, and there’s no better place to roll the dice than at a fantastic casino resort or hotel. The great news is that the chips are never down when you take a casino vacation, because these resorts offer more than just gambling. Where else can you find a range of upscale perks including fantastic accommodations, superb dining establishments, sun, surf, sand, snow or spas, world-class entertainment and shopping all in one place?
So here are some of the best Casino Hotels around the world.

1. Atlantic City Trump Taj Mahal
Sink into the grandeur of this casino with its Austrian crystal chandelier and guest rooms with views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. One of the largest casinos in the world with over 4.2 million square feet of enclosed space, every opportunity to double your money is here. Relax after a day of gaming in the full service spa including indoor tanning, Jacuzzis, steam bath, sauna and an indoor pool.

2. Detroit MGM Grand Detroit
Welcome to the Las Vegas of the Midwest. The $800 million MGM Grand Detroit Resort and Casino is modern, sleek and sophisticated, and pulls in the crowds on a regular basis. The casino boasts over 90 table games, 4,000 of the latest slot machines and video poker. This may be the younger sister of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, but its gaming space is in fact larger.

3. Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Think big, play big, win big. There’s nothing small about this hotel
and casino, but then that’s not surprising. It has a waterfalls that cover 6.6 acres. The casino itself is 171,500 square feet and is divided into four separate gaming areas. Every game you could possibly want to try your hand at is here


4. Shreveport Eldorado Resort Casino
If you’re going to Louisiana to chance your luck, your best bet is the 403-suite Eldorado Resort Casino, the most exclusive hotel in Shreveport. Drag yourself away from your luxury room and head over to the casino, which boasts over 1500slot machines. The casino is also attached to a three-story atrium-style entertainment pavilion.

5. Queensland Conrad Jupiter’s, Australia

 Situated on a tropical island on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Conrad Jupiter’s is one of Australia’s largest hotels. Jupiter’s’ motto is “Bet with your head, not over it.” Once you’re all played out, be sure to take advantage of the hotel’s five restaurants, landscaped pool, and state-of-the-art fitness center and tennis courts.

6. Macau, The Venetian Macao, China

Jet off to The Venetian Macao which is large enough to hold 90 747 jumbo jets and has 3,000 suites, each a minimum of 750 square feet. Once you’ve managed to drag yourself away from your canopy bed, sunken living room and deluxe marble bathroom, head down to the casino which is largest in the world where over 550,000 square feet of gaming await you.

7. Monte Carlo Hotel de Paris, Monaco
Situated on the Golden Square of Place du Casino, the Hotel de Paris is the most luxurious place to stay in Monaco. Offering up to 106 rooms, 74 suites and two executive suites, this is opulence at its most decadent. There are five separate casinos in the Place du Casino, with the largest being the legendary Casino de Monte-Carlo.

8. Lima Delfines Hotel & Casino, Peru
Delfines Hotel & Casino is open 24/7 and boasts 214 machines and eighteen table games. Los Delfines sponsors the non-profit organization CILDE, and proudly hosts two dolphins and to top off your stay here, The Lima Golf Club, the largest golfing greens in the city—is just across the street.

9. San Juan The Ritz-Carlton, Puerto Rico
The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Hotel, Spa & Casino allows you enjoy with its 416-room hotel located on eight acres of beachfront property. The true highlight of this hotel is its casino which is open 24 hours.

10. Costa del Sol, Hotel Casino Torrequebradam, Spain

Set on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the heart of Costa del Sol, offers everything from a grand spa and conference room to on-site entertainment and superb gaming. Casino is equipped with the widest array of leisure activities in Spain.

2010 Best Resort in China Top10

The hotel is material, the bed is art. Even if we have a hundred reasons to the hotel, you always have to sleep in a bed. Who slept in bed? Flowing behind the guest with feature stories, and is related to the construction, facilities, waiters and hotel together constitute the life experience of the charm. Good hotel leisure inn is not only physical but also spiritual secret fortress. It is at the service of the inherent dignity and freedom outside, and demanding guests and grow together. From "New Weekly" magazine, "La" magazine co-sponsored the "charm hotel list" is the second year of release, joined by the "New Weekly" magazine and the Institute of Peking University jointly set up an exclusive way of life academic support. Last 3 months, from the national five-star hotel and features 14 categories were selected hotels 180 award nominations, Sina is still in the product channel and to the net, 20 days more than 10,000 users participating in the network to vote. At the same time, 27 experts, celebrities, the hotel up to a jury of people solemnly elected. Weighted constitutes your final will see the "2010 China Hotel charm list."

1, Sheraton Sanya Resort

It improves the appearance of a comprehensive benchmark Bay Hotel: three consecutive years as "The Official Hotel of Miss World." Stunning borderless pool and tall lobby, sitting on the beach flawless silver, six specialty restaurants, 511 luxury rooms with a private patio with the famous Sheraton "Sweet Sleeper Bed", enough to make you this in Hainan "Paradise Island" left a beautiful memory.

2, The Ritz-Carlton Sanya

It is the largest number of Bay luxury hotel rooms, 33 luxury villas with swimming pools the window can see the sea; it is also the most charming Bay's most romantic style of the hotel, long corridors and deep view is favored by the couple land. It is unique, "gentlemen and ladies service" is enough to make you ladies and gentlemen, it is better for your wedding team to create a well-luxury wedding. It Yalong Bay resort, attentive service and set a new benchmark for luxury services.

3, Mangrovetree Resort Sanya
It is a large mangrove Lindi Guo Jindianjituan for the mountains, but also the best Bay View Hotel. All rooms have a wide beach and vision, all teak decking, perfect details of the design and luxurious bathroom. Yalong Bay it's Chinese and Western cuisine is also famous far and wide, especially in Thai, has not inferior to Thailand's top resort hotels of raw materials, cooking and taste.

4, Pullman Sanya Yalong Bay Resort & Spa

If you are only looking for front-line sea view, you might miss this great holiday place. It is the Bay Hotel in the most architectural styles: fusion of Thailand, Myanmar and Southeast Asia the essence of building a "new Asian style" to make it unique. It is the most private villas, 115 villas with private pool, courtyard garden and outdoor massage pavilion. It is the combination of private space and public space, one of the best hotels, not only suitable for guests exclusive privacy, but also suitable for wide range of social, both infinite relaxation, but also exchange

5, Sofitel Xanadu Resort Hangzhou

Swan Lake, tiger mountain, mining Yangmei summer and autumn tours Osmanthus, which is the normal five-star hotel does not have the Wild. After KLE (Keys of Luxury Experience, luxury experience points) specially trained service personnel, but also to ensure the quality of life with the rustic charm and comfort.

6, Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort Nanjing

It is located on the slopes of Purple Mountain in Nanjing, and enjoy the quiet area of Ling Road, Central, and deep, the most Republican parasol tree charm. Executive Suite to the large terrace of people's imaginations castle life, from golfer Gary (Gary) designed to only use 27-hole golf course, you can fully enjoy the fun of swing.

 7, Jinji Lake Grand Hotel Suzhou
Suzhou Industrial Park is located in the lake showed a different kind of rivers and lakes in the landscape. Hotel Kongkuo, stretch, clean, expected to open lake, is the result of transformation and purification of the Jiangnan style. Adjacent to the 27 hole international golf course, is the first choice for business travelers.

8, Doubletree by Hilton Resort Wuxi Lingshan

But it has again the beauty of Zen: back Mountain, sitting on Taihu Lake, overlooking the Big Buddha. It is as atmospheric waves on the lake's boat Smart, 266 and 221 endless Lake View Room room showing Shaw's poetic southern celebrities. It is also warm and considerate, cookies welcome cake, Huai Yang-style won the hearts of all, and even pets can get good care. Some of the rich is not just entertainment facilities make it invincible lake, the perfect resort Gengshi Bi movement a little bit more safe.

9, Banyan Tree Ringha

Where the horizon disappears, there are thriving Tibetan farmhouse, there are meadows, cattle and sheep, blue sky and white clouds, but also changing the climate and difficult journey, in this fusion of man and the land of all things, it's comfortable to use the right treatment of modern disease. Ginger tea, hot towels, dog stocking, the natural hospitality stay guests in mind, to become the best memory.

10, Banyan Tree Lijiang

Naxi courtyard open the door, a large bed on the big room facing the Yulong Snow Mountain in the middle. There are 55 villas Southern and Northern Dynasties, saw both the Yulong Snow Mountain Peak. Whether the famous Banyan Tree SPA, or Heaven's environment are to ensure guests a good mood in Lijiang, immersed in the joy, the left are "vitality" to add.

Creative hotels around the world

1. Propeller Island Hotel
Berlin's Propeller Island Hotel, a total of 30 rooms. The hotel's owner Russ. Stallone was an artist and Soul, 30 rooms are designed by him, each room has its own unique, you choose the operating table lying on the white lines, floating in the air bed, or not taboo choose to sleep in a coffin? The picture shows one of them upside down room, the room everything was reversed, tables, stools and other furniture have been fixed on the ceiling upside down, and the floor under the bed in the four small "box" where floor must be opened before they see embedded in the inside of the bed, giving people the feeling of walking on the ceiling.

2. Wine barrels Hotel
The four huge barrels of wine barrels is the Dutch hotel, which each barrel has two small beds, you can sit outside a small place. Here you can to enjoy the beautiful waterfront.

3. Crazy house
Ho Chi Minh City in the crazy house is like a tree, each tree hole is a room, each room has its own animal theme, the theme of the room has an eagle standing on a huge egg on the mouth of the bird; and another room and arms are as long as there is an ant crawling on the wall. See the giraffe it? It was a cafe.

4.Jules submarine cabin

Jules in Florida by a Navy submarine cottages converted from the lab, located in water 20 feet (6 meters). But the tenant must dive to get to my room, it must first learn to dive. There are two round room window, through the windows, guests can enjoy the flat sharks, parrot fish, barracuda, mussels, and worms and other marine life kowtow.

5. Costa-David Hotel
Hotels in Costa Rica Antonio National Park, is a 1965 passenger capacity of 125 converted Boeing 727 abandoned. But now the body has been used as a suite, which has 2 bedrooms, a dining room, a living room. The wing was from the 727 guests into the bedroom.

6. Capsule Hotel
 Capsule Hotel exterior looks like a capsule, a little "capsule" lined up like soldiers ready to go. Capsule hotel in the Netherlands and now has stores elsewhere in Europe.

7. Hotel Continental adventure - with a hotel on wheels
Brazil's continental adventure hotel is a transformation from the 25-ton truck, of course, the bedroom of your luggage and will travel with you. Everything in the kitchen: refrigerators, freezers and convection oven. Of course, you can also invite local chefs to do a meal on the local food. Living in the mainland adventure hotel, you can enjoy the rural scenery of Brazil, you can experience the feeling of riding on horseback, you can visit the vineyards.

8. Grandfather Hotel

Grandpa Cape Town hotel has seven steam in the top of the trailer, in which six were imported from the United States. Aluminum room can sleep 2 people, the trailer is decorated with gold and three bears.

9. Giraffe Hotel
Giraffe in the Kenyan capital Nairobi hotel is the most distinctive dining giraffe with you. Long neck giraffe can put out into the dinner table by the window, here is your room is their room.

10, Switzerland "Woodpecker" hotel

"Woodpecker" hotel is located in Switzerland, it is the world's smallest hotel, can accommodate only one or two people.

It is located in a tree above, about 30 feet off the ground, hanging baskets of food up through the. Although it is small, the "Woodpecker" hotel also has a separate kitchen, balcony and a toilet.

11, Finland glass dome hotel
Annual winter, the northern town of Ivalo in Finland's Igloo Kakslauttanen hotel in its own unique glass dome attracts from around the world "chasing light people."

Glass dome over the village for the night enjoy the Northern Lights room built. Visitors can enjoy the comfort of the bed lay the mysterious northern lights in the sky.
Little light in this area, very suitable for observing bright stars and northern lights. End of year 8 to 4 at the end of next year is the best season of observations. Glass dome of the room is made of special glass. Because of this, even if the ice and snow outside, the room was still warm as in spring. Glass, special glass can prevent the generation fog, so that visitors will not miss all the time Lapland quiet of the night.
In addition to the glass dome of the rooms, the hotel also has 20 snow and ice rooms. Soft lighting to illuminate the whole room, crystal clear, like a fairy tale-like world. When night falls, snow falls, visitors can enjoy through floor to ceiling windows surrounding the beautiful scenery outside the window.

12, United States cave hotels
Scarlet murals, Indian totem, the bed rock for decoration ... ... New Mexico Kukupuli cave into the hotel, if returned to primitive tribe.
In fact, not a natural cave Kukupuli cave, which the geologist Bruce Black and his son in 1980 with explosives in the sandstone rock structure on the blow out. After the father and son Bruce took 10 years of time and constantly improve it. By 1996, fully completed in caves, small blues and his wife lived here for a full 1 year. In 1997, the business mind of the old blues quite put it into a hotel, and offers breakfast, which is common in the U.S. b & b type (Bed and Breakfast) hotels.
Door to the hotel is located in the cave under the ground plane, which is equivalent to be deepened to go 7 floors, although some sections set up handrails, but the decline in the stone steps were cut out from the sandstone, and intermittent, and some areas where we Visitors hands and feet need to be approved.
Cave hotel room is actually a large irregularly shaped cavern. Living room, bedroom, bathroom all the maneuvering by the wall of division. Although the surrounding rock has a long history, but the cave, they are all modern equipment products. The hotel has running water and electricity, fully equipped kitchen, a refrigerator full of fresh food. Taste hot and cold water bathroom, visitors can even romantic bubble bath with rose petals.

13, Bolivia hotels salt
In South America, western Bolivia endless expanses of salt, there is a strange hotel to attract tourists, it looks a little rustic appearance, but it is unique in the world, all built with the salt hotel.

Salt in this strange hotel, not only the walls, and even the roof, beds, tables, chairs and floors, are also made with salt. Salt hotel covers an area of approximately 300 square meters, which has rooms, restaurants, bars and discos. The fee is $ 15 per day per bed.

The hotel has a special salt requirements, travelers can not eat salt with his tongue licking the wall because the wall is also a hotel made of salt and water.

14, The Netherlands hotels philosophy
Philosophy hotel is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, built in the 19th century, each room is dedicated to a philosopher.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose to stay Nietzsche, Marx, Aristotle, Wittgenstein and other philosophers have different names room. Inside each room has a corresponding philosophers sculpture, murals and a proverb, and even breakfast tray is also engraved the famous philosopher quotes.

15, the United Kingdom "container hotel"
UK budget hotel chain Travelodge Group in London giants to build the world's first recyclable-style hotel. The hotel's building materials used in all containers imported from China, the construction process seemed "stacked wood." "Container hotel" not only shortened the duration, cost, containers can be recycled, fully embodies the philosophy of environmental protection.

Construction workers, just the one modular container from low to high, such as "stacking wood," the general laying up, then use the screws hold the can. Finally, the appearance of a little decoration on the building, the "container hotel" will look almost ordinary hotel. It is worth mentioning that each container are "Made in China." When they brought in from China, the initial completion of the interior have switched, which from the bathroom, gypsum wall board to a power outlet readily available. Because after special treatment, this special room with insulated, rugged features.

It is noted that the bridge near the Oaks this "container hotel," a total of 8 floors with 120 rooms and a coffee bar. Will be formally completed in June this year, each room is only £ 19 per night fee. These "container" will be equipped with furniture and appliances inside, including bed, bathroom, wardrobe, mirror, desk and chairs, plasma TV and coffee maker.

Industry sources, this environmentally friendly hotel is expected to lead to a "stay revolution", for many large multi-sports festival, or the organization of a new way of providing accommodation.

Hotels ranking top10 in China for leisure travel

1: Hong Kong Harbour Plaza Hotel
      Whampoa, Hunghom, Kowloon, close to Victoria Harbour, opened in 1995, a total of 411 rooms and 101 suites. Its services include business center, child care, laundry service, car rental service, gift shop, currency exchange services, IDD telephone, All rooms have broadband Internet access, Superior Garden Room 1287 yuan, 1507 yuan senior sea view room.
2. Shenzhen Panglin Hotel
      Located in the heart of Luohu District, Shenzhen, named after its founder Yu Pang. Hotel is located in the building is forty layers Peng, hotels and office buildings by the two parts, looks magnificent, Luohu District, is one of the landmark buildings. Hotel has 527 rooms, including 48 Executive Floor rooms and 87 suites, 7 floors non-smoking floors, disabled room, 21 to 23 F, three executive floors, located in the Executive Lounge offers 22 floors, including express check-in and check-out procedures, personal butler, daily complimentary continental breakfast, afternoon tea, hors d'oeuvres and evening cocktails and other services.
3. Island Shangri-La
       Located in the financial and shopping, enjoying the prosperity and benefit from, and condescending, to bridge view overlooking the world-famous scenery of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour, Kowloon and Hong Kong picture, as well as overlapping peaks Ling, New Territories, are most out completely. The famous shopping and entertainment integrated body - Pacific Plaza to the top of the hotel, the hotel is connected with the Admiralty MTR station, take the subway in Hong Kong will be very convenient and fast travel.
4. Lisboa Hotel
White is the color of buildings, rooms to yellow. Many of its walls made of a combination of circles and vertical lines, the whole building like a giant cages. Its implication is: people into the future, impassable. Lisboa Hotel on the roof there is a huge spherical object, its surface has many radial bar material, which is said moral Oath, of course, is gambling and losing money after intense inner feelings lost.
5. Far Eastern Plaza Hotel
      The essence of the region in Taipei for the Far Eastern Group's business units, commissioned by the Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts management for world-class luxury hotel, to meet the needs of business and leisure travelers. Has 422 comfortable and elegant rooms and suites Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, the traditional Chinese style as the main display of antique Chinese decor, highlighting its unique among temperament.
6. Beijing Hotel
         Tiananmen Square is located in the magnificent east, adjacent to the central business district, walk five minutes to reach the Imperial Forbidden City. From 1900 founding date, it was comfortable and luxurious living room, unique cuisine dining, good service, many celebrities stayed, always attract people's attention at home and abroad.
7. Beijing China World Hotel
     Management by the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, located in Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, the hotel set of hotels, exhibition centers, shopping centers, entertainment centers into one, while with the adjacent World Trade Center. The hotel has been named to the world famous hotel organizations, as China's best luxury five-star hotels.
8. Grand Hyatt Shanghai
         The third tower in the world 53-87 Shanghai Jinmao Tower, between the layers following the 2000 Guinness Book of World Records Millennium Edition as the world's highest hotel, but also by international authorities as the best hotel in Mainland China in 2002 the first name.
     9. White Swan Hotel
      Located in downtown Guangzhou, in the sanctuary - Yung Yam, such as cover, the convergence of three rivers near the White Swan Pond. Hotel Unique garden design blend with the surrounding environment elegant, a dedicated approach bridge linking the city center in the hotel, in fact, business travelers the best place to stay.
China's first Sino-foreign cooperation in the five-star hotel, is the first by the Chinese people of their own design, construction and management of large modern hotel. Opened nearly six years, the White Swan Hotel to create a good economic returns, received a total of more than 40 heads of state and head of government. Deng Xiaoping, chief architect of China's reform and opening up here is three times the white swan, and the inscription, which co-operation in the domestic and foreign high-star hotel is unique
     10. Guangzhou China Hotel is one of China's first five-star hotel, opened in 1984, 18 stories tall, with a set of 888 standard rooms, standard room with an area of about 35 square meters. Hotel has a variety of specialty restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool and other recreational facilities, and a variety of large meeting rooms. Crystal Ballroom's largest restaurant area 1,500 square meters, with the perfect modern lighting and sound, can accommodate 800 people in the Chinese banquet or Western-style cocktail party 1500. Guangzhou China Hotel is located in the city center, about 10 kilometers from the train station from the airport about 20 minutes. Near the Canton Fair. Downstairs there is a street designer clothes, as well as cafes, shopping and leisure traffic is very convenient.

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Cheap hotels in China

Tourism in China's foreign friends may not know some of the economic chain hotel, cheap, very affordable,
Hotels in China, following the city will have above average, and each hotel in each city and even the urban areas
Suburbs will have dozens of branches, very convenient
These hotels are:

1, Motel168 Hotel

  China for the first time directly to the English "Motel" named after the hotel chain Motel 168 internationally accepted fully by the economic standard hotel design. "Stylish, economical" is its greatest feature.

  Room: Standard room, bed room, business double rooms, business standard room, double bed rooms, family rooms, and special standard room.

  Price: ¥ 168-298

2 Jinjiang Hotel

  2006 to 2007 was awarded for "top ten Chinese economy hotel brand influence and first."

  Room: Standard rooms, business rooms, business suites.

  Price: ¥ 178-259

3 Hanting Hotels

  Han Ting, mostly situated in the city's business center or convenient place. Guests feel most is convenient, free broadband Internet services.

  Room type: single-bed room, bed rooms, twin rooms, Superior King-bed rooms, superior twin room and so on.

  Price: ¥ 139-329

4, Home Inns & Hotels

  Room: Standard double rooms, standard double room, business double rooms, suites.

  Price: ¥ 239-539

5,7 Days Inn

  7 days for three consecutive years the scale of the industry's fastest growing budget hotel company, to create stories of the rapid development of the industry.

  Room: economic room, bed room, business double room, twin room and so on.

  Price: ¥ 99-269

The most anticipated luxury hotel top10

According to foreign media reports, with the architects and designers to build new hotels to step up model, the future of a number of innovative color from the drawing board and the hotel has become a reality. If you are a people who like to travel around the world, you must have noticed the next hotel toward us. Top Ten Hotels in the following list in the future, some hotels have been built is completed, some will debut the world in the near future.

The hotel is one of the greatest features of the future is their location, the land already is not the only choice, they will appear in the previous figure can not imagine the sea, the sky and even the space beyond Earth. Here is the future of these top ten most anticipated luxury hotel:

1. To flying luxury hotel of tomorrow

Flying luxury hotel of tomorrow may be referring to is the Aeroscraft, which is a weight of 400 tons of the giant blimp, can be used to carry passengers, and its huge interior space, related facilities and luxury comparable flight. This hotel's head flying the equivalent of two football pitches, relying on 14 million cubic feet (about 396,000 cubic meters) of helium, hydrogen fuel cells to power a giant propeller and turbojet 6 floating and flying in the air. It can accommodate 250 passengers, can reach an altitude of 8,000 feet (about 2438 m). In addition to the joy of flying experience for passengers outside, Aeroscraft also prepared for their VIP rooms, casinos, restaurants and Principal rooms, let them enjoy the fun of high-tech.

2. Built hotel on earth the moon

South Korean construction company Heerim Architects in view, we do not necessarily need to be born, to the moon, the earth the moon is also able to build the hotel. Sources said that inspired by the moon two ultra-modern style hotel will be erected in the Azerbaijan capital of Baku, where a hotel called the full moon, shaped like a "Star Wars" Death Star, and the other called " Crescent Hotel ", and" full moon "in sharp contrast.

"Death Star" The name may lead to some resentment, but may also have a great personality to pursue attractive. In fact, for Baku, an economy in the world fastest growing region, no matter what to name, these two are destined to make it futuristic tourism hotel next level. Since the date of construction dragged on, the moon seems to be a hotel daydreaming. In this regard, as the general public and as such we can not help but have a curiosity - the hotel can not build up the moon? If possible, when ground was broken? Once opened, they are only for high government officials and royal family, becoming similar to the Jedi Princess Leia and her guy like paradise?

3. Built on the moon's crazy hotels

Many of us will always do such a dream - I hope to go to the moon honeymoon. However, we only dream about it and usually will pin their hopes to achieve this dream of a child or children's children. Architecture Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the world's leading architectural design firm Wimberly Allison Tong Goo designer Hans - Jurgen. Roma Castle (Hans-Jurgen Rombaut) hand, this dream will become a reality in the near future. Designed by the hand he called "crazy hotel," the satellite will be put into construction, is expected to be completed in 2050.

Clearly, the number of tons of steel to the moon and launching the cost of water is still a great challenge, but according to Fort Roma revealed a considerable part of the building compound can be obtained on the moon, way is to use its existing ore. But the crazy hotel occupancy costs must be an astronomical figure, it is difficult to imagine how in the end were oil, fat guy will spend huge sums of money to enjoy the moon. According to estimates of the Roma Fort, to the low gravity in his entertainment center to play the last two weeks, you may bring a senior residential mortgage loans, will it be possible to pay extraordinary expenses.

4. Poseidon Resort in Hoi Ha

Bruce. Jones (Bruce Jones) spent most of his career designing for the rich and famous breakthrough submarines. Perhaps tired of the job, Jones is now beginning the design talent in the hotel industry exhibition, a private island in Fiji to become his "testing ground."

Poseidon resort is under the sea area of 5,000 acres (3.035 hectares) of the lagoon, surrounded by luxury suites area of 550 square feet (about 51 square meters). All guests will stay aboard the submarine under the sea, this hotel, but the cost of travel under the sea, but very expensive, the occupancy fee per person up to $ 15,000, which includes the airport aboard a private jet arrived from Fiji, "Poseidon" and costs. In addition to addiction through a submarine ride, visitors can also experience parasailing, deep reef excursions, cave exploring, wear self-contained underwater scuba diving, trekking on the sea bed, and a variety of water sports

5. A School Long Island Hotels

This will be the future of hotels in Dubai where they stand still in the design phase, it will become second in the region 7-star hotel. And as mentioned above, Burj Al Arab, the Arab League to send Long Island is also a claim of 7 star hotels. This hotel will hit the jungle theme, the number of luxury suites will be over 350. From the renderings of view, this hotel is very futuristic high-tech colors, can be said to have considerable appeal. In addition, the builder is also trying to make the luxury and comfort to the limit, in addition to essential restaurants, cinemas, retail shops, art gallery, conference facilities, this hotel is also prepared for the guests to the private lagoons, beaches and hot springs. There is no doubt, A Long Island school design, this hotel will have the tourists ahead of irresistible charm, as it will be like the hypnotist will attract visitors from around the world come to experience an unprecedented holiday experience.

6. Diamond hotel

For the "ring" the future of the hotel, we know little about, only that it's shaped like a 185-meter-high Ferris wheel. Although no more details, but as far as we learned that this hotel will be built in Abu Dhabi. Architectural design from the initial point of view, "diamond ring" the name can not be called up to its name, but more conceptual interpretation of it.

7. Water World Hotel

Water World Hotel mentioned, readers will think of Kevin. Costner (Kevin Kostner) of the 1995 film "In the future water world." The water capacity of 400 people located in China, the world of an abandoned quarry in Songjiang pit, due to living in the countryside, the beautiful simplicity of the natural scenery as it is a major bright spot, and built underwater public areas and guest rooms are distributing it a unique charm. In addition to cafes, restaurants and common sports facilities, water world has prepared them for the guests an unexpected surprise, such as for rock climbing, bungee jumping and other extreme sports facilities.

8. Collapsible "pod" hotel

In the UK, "Thomson Holidays" (Thomson Holidays) published sensational report "2024: A Holiday Odyssey" when the well-known tour operators, this would predict the future hotel will be built on top of a collapsible pod tilting, tilting pod is built to be really "be cosmopolitan," the giant pillars. "Thomson Holidays," referring to the "pod" hotel. This futuristic hotel to achieve self-sufficiency, guests can use the favorite image projected onto the wall in this way to design your own room. If you can not meet the requirements for resort or there is loss of the terrorists to continue to stay interested, they can also be hotels, "package", and then marching toward the new destination, the whole process is like as easy to fold up the tent.

9. Inflatable space hotel

The inflatable space hotel called "commercial station spacewalkers," Las Vegas by the Bigelow Aerospace (Bigelow Aerospace) designs. In 2007, the unmanned experimental inflatable space capsule can be "Origins 1" was launched from Russia, and successfully entered orbit. If all goes well, the entire inflatable space hotel will be finished construction in 2015, when the will travel at 515 km above the Earth. Inflatable space hotel construction cost of $ 500,000,000 is only negligible, but the cost is surprisingly high occupancy is expected up to 100 million U.S. dollars. Obviously, this hotel is for the wealthy family of space to prepare, and ordinary people just feel powerless and frustrated.

10. Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel

321 meters high the Burj Al Arab Hotel, also known as "Burj Al Arab", is the only one 7-star hotel, due to the wind shaped like a sail muster, it would only have "junk" the name. Burj Al Arab Hotel is located on the coastline of Dubai, surrounded by a delicate blend of color sculptures around the fire and water, so there's more charming and spectacular night view. It is understood the driver of all-suite hotel will shuttle visitors driving a Rolls Royce, each layer has a private reception, well-trained butler posts 24 hours a day, ready to offer tourists the best hospitality services .
It now appears that at least this hotel is not the future but the reality of the hotel