Friday, December 10, 2010

the most unique hotels in the Russia eyes

Russian publication of the "business magazines" lists several of the world's most unique hotels, the hotel with its unique characteristics have attracted customers around the world.

1, the oldest hotels: Paris hotel le grand veyour. This hotel was built in 1784, almost all of France's most famous people in history have been to this hotel dining. All the food the hotel has maintained the characteristics of the oldest in France. To have people here will call it the most beautiful hotels in Europe, because here all the furnishings are authentic French antiques.

2, the smallest of the hotels: Finland kuappi hotel. This hotel is only a single small restaurant, the restaurant located just two seats, one only serve two customers.

3, the largest hotel: Bangkok, Thailand tum nuk thai hotel. The area of four football fields, can be only one central reception hall, more than 5,000 guests. In order to improve service speed, all the waiters were wearing roller skates for customer service.

4, the highest Rotary Hotel: Swiss allalin hotel. This hotel was built in the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 3500 meters. Rotate throughout the hotel every 1 hour a week, customers in the dining, they can enjoy the surrounding beauty of the Alps.

5, the first underwater hotel: Israel red sea stars hotel. This hotel was opened in 1993, customers can dine here while eating fresh seafood and watch the underwater world wonders.

6, the most unusual hotels: Spain el bulli hotel. In this hotel, the customers taste to the world's most unique and strange process the abundant and delicious food. It's unique flavor can be said that a hotel anywhere in the world will not enjoy.

7, the most beautiful and most elegant hotels: Moscow Tulanduote hotel. The hotel from the dozens of world famous design firm designed and built entirely antique building, which facilities are elegant and noble palace furnishings. Hotels in place of ancient Chinese porcelain, Russian fireplace, candelabra and the lighthouse

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